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Synagoga w Jeszywas Chachmej Lublin – synagoga znajdująca się w Lublinie w budynku Jeszywas Chachmej Lublin, przy ulicy Lubartowskiej 85.

Oficjalne otwarcie Synagogi po remoncie nastąpiło 11 lutego 2007 roku.

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What Is Mikvah?

Any natural reservoir for water: oceans, rivers, wells and lakes are the original 'Mykvahs'. They contain living water that is why according to the tradition, they have power of purification. As the water was created before the earth, it allows you to achieve holiness. Unfortunately, access to such living water is not always easy or safe, not to mention the weather, air or lack of privacy. For these reasons, as a result built tanks have appeared, kind of swimming pools used by Jews confessing Judaism.